I created this workshop based on my personal life experience of having to go through a definitive transition from a military career, to a stay at home mother and then getting back to the workforce and creating my own road map for my future. The workshop is research based and reflective and engaging. It is a group workshop meant for individuals who need to go through a process of change and transition and is designed for anyone who is ready to make the change.

Taking an innovative and holistic approach to transition, the REBOOT Workshop will help you redefine your personal identity, true purpose in life and help you to engage in reflective and immersive actions that will help you reengage and connect with yourself and your life and career challenges.

It will help bridge the gap between transition and transform. It focuses on three very critical areas of a successful transition, your PERSONAL IDENTITY, LIFESTYLE TRANSITION AND CAREER TRANSITION.


• Learn about yourself and your personal environment, values and goals as you strive to redefine yourself and your goals and aspirations
• Personally, focus on areas that you need to develop and enhance. Enable yourself to take back your life and be in charge of living a balanced life with purpose, meaning and happiness for you and your loved ones.
• Know your own worth and rely less on the opinion of others and empower yourself to find your true value.
• Learn how to set your own expectations, reset your priorities and keep moving forward.

I conduct this workshop as a one-day program of 6 hrs of interactive sessions, outcome driven methods, and cognitive behavioural techniques. The intention is to have a fun, immersive interactive and challenging experience.

For further information, corporate / group bookings. please connect with me on coachme@cheryldutta.com